No Passing Zone Traffic Violations

A no passing zone is a roadway area where you are not legally permitted to pass another vehicle. No passing zones are common in construction zones, school zones and one-lane roads. These zones are explicitly indicated by a solid (generally white) dividing line in the road, as opposed to a broken white line, or by road signs. These markings or signs must be clearly marked and visible to an ordinarily observant person. No passing zones indicate that it is unsafe to pass another vehicle by changing lanes, if this law is broken, harsh penalties can ensue. Of course there is the exception to the rule, and that is when a road or lane is obstructed, thereby forcing traffic into another lane or into oncoming traffic lanes, then it is legal.

If you have been cited for failure to obey a no passing zone, then you probably have received a traffic ticket. The penalties for not adhering to a no passing zone can be serious in the long run, in addition to fines that you must pay; points will be added to your permanent driving record. Your driving record is a very valuable document that must be kept clean as much as possible. Tickets on a driving record can result in higher auto insurance premiums as well as other long term consequences.

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