Consequences of Drugged Driving

This is not limited to illegal street drugs such as cocaine, marijuana and heroin, either; it also includes prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications such as sleep aids and cold medication. To be convicted of DUI with drugs, it must be proven that the suspect too drugs and that these substances were present in the suspect's body in sufficient quantities, thus making it difficult or impossible to drive safely.

As early as possible after you have been arrested for driving under the influence of drugs, contact a Luzerne County criminal attorney at Mack Law Offices for knowledgeable legal counsel and aggressive representation. Our team has over 40 years of experience, and each of our attorneys has been individually practicing for well over a decade. With a track record that includes thousands of successful cases, we are prepared to take on any charges no matter how serious they might be. Let us put our skill and zealous dedication to work for you.

Aggressive Defense for Your Case

Chemical tests of the blood or urine are not generally reliable as evidence in a drugged driving case, because despite their ability to reveal the presence of drugs in a suspect's body, they do not always show whether or not the amount present is sufficient to cause impairment. The fact that many substances can remain detectable for days or even weeks after use must also be taken into consideration when reviewing the results of chemical test in the state of Pennsylvania.

If the primary evidence in your case is the fact that you failed the roadside field sobriety tests, we may be able to use the police car dashboard video camera footage to demonstrate that the test conditions worked against you, i.e. looking at bad weather, uneven road surfaces or even the intimidating behavior of a law enforcement officer.

Similarly, it might even be possible to argue that your constitutional rights were violated by an unlawful traffic stop. There are many ways to approach your defense, but you have to take the first step now by contacting us for help.