Have you been charged for trafficking cocaine?

Any amount of cocaine possession is a serious offense and can put those charged in jail with expensive fines. It is considered a Schedule II drug that is highly addictive. If you are caught distributing or manufacturing cocaine in the state of Pennsylvania, a Luzerne County criminal attorney from our office can educate you on the circumstances of your charge and what your sentencing could include. We have defended many clients facing charges for serious drug offenses such as those involving cocaine, and we are prepared to do the same for you.

Under the Controlled Substances Act, cocaine is considered a Schedule II substance. In Pennsylvania, cocaine charges can vary from a third degree felony to a first degree felony. The possession of cocaine alone can leave you with a third degree felony facing fines or possible jail time. The sale of cocaine is recognized as a second degree felony. Persons found trafficking the drug will be charged depending on the amount of the drug in their possession.

You need a Luzerne County drug crime lawyer on your side!

In order to effectively defend you against the charges that have been made in your name, our legal team is prepared to utilize any of the several defense options that are available in the state of Pennsylvania. Persistently investigating your drug crime charges and using any witness accounts that can benefit your defense are only some of the many ways that we can pursue favorable results to your case.

At Mack Law Offices, we will look into whether or not arresting officers took proper protocol, or if they violated any regulations. We have taken on thousands of cases, successfully defending the rights of clients who are up against the law for cocaine drug offenses of every nature. Call us 24/7 and fill out a free case evaluation to help us get started on protecting you.