DUI Attorney for Your Defense in Luzerne County

If you have been arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence, then you should not wait to obtain the defensive skills of a Luzerne County criminal defense lawyer from our firm. Whether it is a first-time offense or multiple DUI convictions have been made, there are methods of defense that can be used to protect your rights and challenge the accusations that have been made in your name.

Breath testing, in particular, is highly unreliable, as the smallest tweak could result in major misreads of a person's intoxication level. Because breath testing is arguably the most convenient method to determine a suspect's level of intoxication, it is often the most frequently used as well.

While this is bad news for those who are arrested based on the false readings presented by these tests, it is good news in terms of the strategies that can be applied to your defense. The unreliable nature of these tests makes them easy to challenge in court, particularly if they were the primary basis for your arrest. As DUI defense lawyers, we are very familiar with the methods that can be utilized in the representation of your case, and we are ready to put our skills to work for you.

Challenging Your Breath & Blood Test Results

For more than 40+ years, we have been defending the criminally accused in the state of Pennsylvania. One of our main focuses has, and continues to be, challenging DUI laws and the arrests that are made according to the statutes presented in them. We have successfully handled thousands of cases in which we were able to secure positive outcomes for our clients, and this is primarily based on the defense strategies we developed specifically to address cases involving charges of driving under the influence.

DUI arrests are made every day, including weekends and holidays, so we have made ourselves available at these times as well. There is no telling when a breath or blood test will be administered on suspicion of DUI, but you can always be sure that we will be here to help you challenge any accusations that are made against you based on the results of these testing methods. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week you can rely on the services we have to offer.

Contact a Luzerne County DUI attorney that can help you challenge the results of a breath or blood test that may have led to your arrest. We can take your call 24 / 7 and are dedicated to the art of defending a DUI.