When you are charged for a drug crime there are most likely many questions that you will have. You may be very worried and uncertain what your charges entail. Many people face a charge for the first time and have very little experience or knowledge of the justice system.

Our criminal defenders are ready to fight for you against charges. A Luzerne County drug crime attorney can help counsel you through the entire process including answering any questions. Some common questions include the following:

What is the difference between distribution and transporting?
Distribution can involve the actual sale of the drugs, while those who transport a drug are involved only in the aspect of moving the drug around.

What evidence can be used as a defense?
Our attorneys will investigate your claim to see what we can use to defend you best. There are a number of items that can have evidence removed or charges dropped such as police misconduct, failure to obtain a warrant or lack of strong evidence to support the charge. We will use all means available in an effort to have your charges reduced or dropped.

I was caught with a forged prescription. Does that count as a criminal offense?
A growing problem in America, the illegal use of prescription drugs is used by many. If you are charged for prescription fraud, depending on the circumstances it will be either a misdemeanor or a felony on your criminal record. Many normal citizens with prior records can be placed in this category and will sustain a criminal conviction as a result if not properly defended.

What is cultivating compared to manufacturing?
In one sense cultivation and manufacturing are the same thing. They involve producing any type of illegal substance. How those substances are produces is where they differ. Various forms may be grown such as marijuana, while others such as meth, cocaine and ecstasy can be manufactured in a lab.

What constitutes as a felony or a misdemeanor?
In order to determine that, the individual factors of the case will need to be involved. There are a number of things that play into the decision of whether a charge is a misdemeanor or felony. Within that, certain charges can constitute for a third, second or first degree felony. The type of drug that is being used is important to consider, as well as the amount that is found.

Smaller amounts may get you off with a misdemeanor charges, which possession of large amounts of drugs or marijuana plants can incriminate you with a felony. Your involvement with the drugs is one of the most crucial aspects of a case; if you possessed them, possessed to sell, trafficked, cultivated, transported or distributed them will all be considered. Involvement such as trafficking will count as a felony with the more serious cases constituting for a first degree felony.

Why do I need an attorney?
You will be up against tough charges and a prosecutor that is looking to convict you. Our attorneys know the laws extensively and have years of experience defending difficult cases. We are aggressive when it comes to protecting our clients and we relentlessly seek a positive verdict in their case.

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