There is no denying the fact that having a warrant out for your arrest can be intimidating, to say the least. However, it is unwise to get bogged down in the stress of the matter and forget to take legal action. Too many arrest warrants become outstanding because the person named in the warrant fails to take action in a timely manner. This can lead to significant consequences, ones that could arguably have been avoided or lessened had the proper legal attention been paid to the matter from the get-go. Therefore, if a warrant has been made for your arrest, you should not wait to contact us as soon as possible. With legal help by your side, we can tackle the issue together and work toward freeing you through a recall of the warrant.

Bench and Arrest Warrants

At Mack Law Offices you can get the legal assistance you need to effectively fight a warrant that has been made for your arrest. In most cases, warrants are issued by a court that is allowing a police officer to pursue a person who is believed to be responsible for a criminal action in the state. Arrest warrants require an official, sworn affidavit which shows that there is probable cause to believe that the specific crime was committed by the individual named in the warrant. Without justifiable cause, as distinguished in an affidavit, a warrant could be considered invalid. Arrest warrants are usually required in cases of misdemeanors; however, they are less crucial in cases of police involvement for felony offenses.

Warrants can take shape in several forms, the two most common being bench warrants and outstanding arrest warrants. When bench warrants are made they allow for the immediate arrest of the subject named in the warrant. These can be made by judges that have experienced a failure on the part of a named individual to appear in court at their scheduled time and date, as mandated by the law. Bench warrants can be issued in criminal cases as well as civil court proceedings. An outstanding arrest warrant is one that has not been served by the subject under scrutiny. Whether the cause for delay is due to a person's intentional evasion of the law or a court's backlog of warrants to be served, the identification of an outstanding arrest warrant will be the same, and shouldn't be tackled without the assistance of a lawyer from our firm.