Legal Defense for All Types of Mortgage Fraud

When actions are made with the intent to misrepresent or deliberately omit information on a mortgage loan application in an attempt to obtain a larger loan than would have otherwise been provided then the actions may be classified as mortgage fraud.

Claims of this nature will also be applied to cases in which fraudulent statements were made in order to secure a loan that would not have been obtained at all had the falsifying statements not been made. Mortgage fraud is a white collar crime that can manifest in one of several different ways, including occupancy fraud, employment fraud, appraisal fraud, and identity theft.

Other methods of fraudulent behaviors for which a person could be criminally charged include cash-back schemes, failure to disclose liabilities, shotgunning, and working the gap. If your criminal charges include any acts of this nature then you should not wait to contact a Luzerne County criminal defense lawyer who will go to work for the representation of your case.

Mortgage Fraud Attorney Serving Luzerne County, PA

Under United States law, mortgage fraud will be prosecuted in the same manner as other types of fraud, such as money laundering, bank fraud, mail fraud, and wire fraud. This means that if you are charged with and subsequently convicted of mortgage fraud, you could be looking at up to 30 years of imprisonment.

Further penalties may exist, as both the state and national governments have begun to take an even stronger stance against these issues. You can get the professional defense you need to protect yourself against incurring the consequences of mortgage fraud conviction by calling our firm today.

When you align yourself with a criminal defense lawyer at Mack Law Offices you will receive the steadfast legal skills of a firm with more than 75 years of cumulative experience. We have already won thousands of cases on behalf of clients, and we are ready to put up a fight for your rights today as well.

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