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To embezzle is to engage in a type of financial fraud that involves illegally appropriating assets that have been entrusted to one or more individuals. The nature of this crime leaves many susceptible to being accused of embezzlement, as lawyers, funds holders, bank employees, and the like all have access to material that can be embezzled on a daily basis.

Embezzlement perfectly fits the description of a white collar crime because at its core it is believed to involve premeditation as well as methodical efforts to conceal the illegal activities from the victim of the attempt. As a statutory offense, embezzlement charges are subject to different statutes specific to the nature of the crime. The elements identified in these cases include: fraud, conversion, property, and lawful possession. Based on these conditions, the charges of any defendant will vary from case to case.

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When it comes to the consequences of a white collar crime, such as conviction for embezzlement, the penalties can be stiff. As a defendant, you could be facing up to ten years of prison time, probation, restitution, community service hours, and probation.

Again, the penalties of a conviction will vary depending on the specific circumstance of your case, so it will be crucial that you obtain the experienced skill set of a Luzerne County criminal defense lawyer from Mack Law Offices as soon as possible.

We are aggressive litigators with ample experience in the field of criminal defenses. As they pertain to your case, we will apply a number of defense strategies in order to ensure that you stand the best possible chance of being released of the embezzlement charges that have been made in your name.

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