Legal Defense for Minors in Pennsylvania

The juvenile justice system is different from that of the criminal justice system. As such, criminal allegations made on behalf of a minor under the age of 18 need to be met with criminal defense that understands the inherent difference between the two governing legalities.

In general, juvenile delinquents who were accused of a crime will be tried in a separate court system than that of adults. Minors are more likely to be tried within the juvenile court system; a system with operations aimed at rehabilitation rather than criminal punishment. As such, it is important that your criminal defense attorney know how to employ effective methods of defense within this system.

Certain crimes of high felonious offense may still be tried within the adult criminal justice system; however, these are few and far between and depend greatly on circumstances specific to your case. No matter what, if your child has been accused of a crime in the state of Pennsylvania they will be facing criminal sentencing of some degree. Therefore, you need to act quickly in securing a Luzerne County criminal lawyer from our firm to help protect your son or daughter from incarceration.

Handling Crimes in Juvenile and Adult Court

You should waste no time in taking legal action if your child is facing criminal allegations in the state of Pennsylvania. While the penalties of a juvenile criminal conviction will likely be geared towards rehabilitative measures rather than any type of capital punishment, this is not to say that the consequences of a conviction will not be tough. You don't want your son or daughter to carry a criminal conviction on their record for years to come, and there is no telling whether or not it will later be eligible for expungement. Therefore, you need to take action now to secure your child's well-being in the future.

At Mack Law Offices we have extensive experience in Pennsylvania criminal justice system, including that which is used in juvenile delinquent cases. There is little if anything that we have not seen and/or personally handled when it comes to Pennsylvania law and the representation of those found to be in violation of it. Rather than let your child go undefended in the juvenile court system, you should instead turn to our firm for the legal support needed to help your child through this difficult time.

National reports have indicated that the general age at which children are being accused of criminal offenses in the states is dropping. This means that more and more children of a younger age are incurring accusations for criminal offense, and all of these children should be defended as they proceed with their legal case. Do not wait to call our firm for the sound legal representation needed to defend your child in the juvenile court system. No matter what age, what time of day, what day of the week, etc. we will be here to aid in the defense of your child.