Aggressive Luzerne County Drug Defense Lawyer

At Mack & Stephens we are prepared to take on drug crime allegations of every nature, from possession charges all the way to cultivation charges. The associates at our firm have been steadfastly representing the criminally accused in the state of Pennsylvania for more than 75 cumulative years.

When it comes to defending our clients, we are not willing to settle for anything less than the very best, and we won't stop until everything in our power has been done to ensure that a positive case outcome is secured on your behalf.

We have successfully represented thousands of cases both in and out of the courtrooms and many of these have been met with success. Whether you are facing criminal allegations of drug manufacturing and cultivation or you have been accused of drug distribution and trafficking, we are here to help you tackle the issues surrounding your criminal allegations head-on.

Prosecutors may try to pin flimsy charges of prescription fraud on you or attempt to prove that you committed an offense involving such illegal narcotics as heroin, crystal meth, or PCP, but your case will have an assertive voice that cannot be ignored if you chose our firm.

Manufacturing & Cultivation Charges

According to U.S. drug cultivation and manufacturing laws, it is a crime to possess illegal substances in any manner; this includes growing and/ or producing certain plants or any other naturally occurring substance that could be used in the cultivation of a an illegal substance.

Additionally, the lab equipment and chemicals used specifically for drug manufacturing are also classified as illegal. As such, possession of "cultivation" equipment is also considered to be criminally offensive behavior for which a person can be arrested, and legally prosecuted.

Understanding the allegations that have been made against you will greatly improve your chances of obtaining a successful case outcome. In fact, knowing what you are up against is equally as important as ensuring that you have a reliable Luzerne County criminal attorney on your side.

At Mack & Stephens you will get both. As experienced defense lawyers in the field of criminal defense law, we know what it takes to successfully represent cases involving drug cultivation charges, and we are ready to help you understand them as walk you through the process of defending your case under court procedures.

Our firm has handled thousands of cases successfully, and we are ready to take on your case today!

No matter what the circumstances of you cultivation charges entail, do not wait to contact a Luzerne County drug crime lawyer from our firm for legal support of your case. We can take your call 24 / 7.