You Have Rights: Make Sure You Know Them

Drug abuse harms our culture in many ways. All ages of individuals can find themselves overcoming to the effects of addiction to many types of illegal drugs. The drug industry brings in billions of dollars each year while also causing tax payers substantially.

To battle the damaging effects that drug crimes can cause to both the state and the nation, government has taken out many initiatives including an increase in the enforcement of drugs laws as well as high penalties for those convicted. Those charged should talk to a Luzerne County drug crime lawyer as soon as possible to begin defending you against allegations and the tactics of police and prosecutors.

While their battle is a necessary one, over ambitious police officers can begin to grow hardened in their efforts; failing to give the benefit of the doubt and overstepping their legal abilities when looking to arrest or investigate a suspect for criminal charges.

While you may be considered for a charge, you still maintain certain rights under the constitution. In order to search your personal property including a car or house, police must obtain a warrant; failing to do so is a direct violation against your rights. If they ask to search without a warrant you have the ability to say no.

You have the right to a lawyer who will defend you in a court of law and can be present during questioning from the officers to ensure you are not coerced into saying anything incriminating. You can choose to remain silent.

Police should not question you if you have requested an attorney and they are currently not present. While force may be necessary to arrest someone who is resisting, brutality that is unnecessary should not be tolerated. If you are not being charged with a crime the police cannot hold you.

You have the right to leave. Once charged you also have the right to a speedy trial. All citizens are innocent until proven guilty.

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