Improper Lane Changes

An improper lane change is a type of traffic ticket resulting from a moving violation. This violation can involve an illegal lane change, moving into oncoming traffic in order to pass another vehicle, or failing to use a signal. If stopped by a police officer, any one of these will result in a citation for an improper lane change. If you have been cited for an improper lane change, it is important to know what kinds of penalties you will face if you are found guilty in court, or if you choose to pay the ticket.

Luzerne County Traffic Offense Attorney - Fighting Improper Lane Change Tickets

At Mack Law Offices we know the difficulties that a traffic ticket or citation such as an improper lane change can bring. As the number of points on your driver's license go up, so do your auto insurance premiums, and so does the risk of losing your job, if your job involves driving a company car. We know that some people's careers and livelihood depend upon having a clean record. It is crucial for you to know that if you have been cited for any kind of traffic violation, your ticket can be fought and your driving record protected. If you have been cited for a traffic violation, then you can use the legal help of a Luzerne County traffic ticket attorney from our firm.

Our lawyers have successfully resolved thousands of cases on behalf of individuals who have been accused of a wide array of infractions, misdemeanors, and other offenses. We know how difficult it can be to face these types of accusations, and we will use our large volume of successful cases to your advantage in this matter. Our attorneys can answer your phone call at any hour of the day or night, so do not hesitate to call us today!

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