Luzerne County Traffic Ticket Lawyer

In Pennsylvania, it is illegal to drive if you have never been issued a driver's license, if your license has expired, or if your license was suspended. Pennsylvania law states that a person is not allowed to drive a motor vehicle if they do not possess a valid driver's license.

If you were found to be driving while your license was suspended, you could be facing more serious repercussions. The reasons why a license could be suspended vary, but they could include DUI, outstanding traffic tickets, and more. The penalties will vary depending on the circumstances surrounding the event. For example, if the driver was pulled over at a traffic stop, they could be fined, jailed, and the suspension time extended.

Luzerne County Traffic Violation Attorney: Defense for Driving on a Suspended License

In order to avoid unnecessary penalties and hassle, you should contact a Luzerne County traffic ticket attorney from our legal team. We have experience in defending cases of DUI, failure to yield, out of state violations, speeding, and much more. With a former prosecutor for the Luzerne County State Attorney's Office on our side, we understand how to defend against the most serious accusations. We have already handled thousands of cases successfully and we are never afraid of a challenge!

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